The Colours to Avoid For a Professional Website

Have you ever clicked on a website and didn’t feel like browsing on it because its design seemed somehow unpleasant or wasn’t appealing to you?

Did you know the first impression of a website is decisive for a consumer to decide to purchase your products and services?

The choice of colors used in a website plays an important role in this first impression. Our Foxynet solutions team came up with a list of colors to avoid for professional website design.

What is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is the study of the perception of colors in relation to human behavior and is commonly used by marketers to trigger emotions and build brand image. It aims to determine how color affects our behavior and what emotion some colors can be associated with or trigger.

Pure Black (#000000)

Pure black isn’t a color you will see in your every day life. It’s the only color that doesn’t reflect light and therefore is overwhelming for the eyes.

For this reason, it is rarely used by marketers and web designers.

Red and Green are to Tread Carefully

According to behavioral science, Red and Green are often associated with “Wrong and Right”, “Yes and No”.  Those colors are best used in a website for buttons, error messages, alerts… etc.

Red also symbolises strength, aggressivity and passion. Using it as a main color in a website could be overwhelming.

Bright Colours with Other Bright Colours

Too many bright colours are overwhelming and shift the audience focus from the actual content. If your website is hard on the eyes, the chances are people will spend less time on it. The only time I will recommend to use it for some buttons or icons that you want to bring attention to such as “on sales” or for a price tag.

Neon Colours

Neon colors, like bright colors can be unpleasant to the eyes. They can be used on a clear and plain background for website related to creativity and design such as art or fashion. However, it should be used for visual content only, not for user interface. A good example of it would be the Sydney Vivid Festival website.



Light Colours + Light Background is Boring

Light colors associated with light background are too plain. Light colors are great to leverage contrast with stronger colors and shift people’s attention to the elements standing out.


Put on your list of colors to not use for your website: Pure black, Red and Green, Bright and Neon colors. Keep in mind that this rule applies to your website interface but you still can use it in some part of your website such as some button or visual contents (except pure black).

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