What are the best places to get photographs & Images for your website?

Are you unsure where to find photographs on the internet without violating copyright laws?

You may believe that you can utilise the photographs you see on Google for personal purposes. Caution: some photos are protected by copyright, and if you use them without permission, you risk incurring the repercussions of copyright infringement until you are detected and discovered.

Our team of designers have compiled a list of resources for both free and commercial photos. 

  • Shutterstock: By far the most popular media marketplace among marketing and media professionals is Shutterstock. You can choose from a vast selection of photos, movies, audio, and graphics. You can choose from a subscription or pay-as-you-go option for high-quality media that can help you with web design, blogs, social media, printing, and more!

Why pay for media when you can receive it for free? Accessing material for free is excellent, but there’s a risk that other businesses may do the same, making your work look less “special.”


  • Pexel: Pexel provides a vast selection of professional movies and photos for free. Pexel’s Photographer Leader boards, which display the work of the most popular photographers on various platforms, are one of our favourites. So… can you just download it and use it again? Yes, you can use any photo without giving credit; nevertheless, it is a politeness to provide credit when using someone else’s work.
  • Unsplash: Unsplash has a huge selection of free professional photos, and while they are all free, providing credit to the artist is always appreciated, much like on Pexel.
    What distinguishes Unsplash from Pexel?
    Various artists, as well as a “current events” category where you may choose from a variety of journalistic photographs that we love to include in our web design and blogs!
  • Pixabay: Do you need a captivating image to go with your social media posts? Or perhaps a stunning image to bolster your argument? Pixabay is your go-to media repository. You may find a vast range of photographs, as well as music, graphics, and vectors, on sites like Unsplash and Pexel. Our favourite Pixabay media are the arty illustrations, which we use to develop funky or arty websites and for art and cuisine blogs. Although not all media are free, you have a lot of options.

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