What are digital ad campaigns an which one should you use?

What are digital ads?

The simple definition is the process of distributing promotional material through online platforms.

Most people surf the internet, have social media accounts, apps on their smartphone… etc. Facebook has reached 2.7 billion users in 2020. Try to picture the number of people you could have access to, if you were to launch a digital ad campaign on one of the major platforms. 

As we are living in the age of data, the digital ads industry has attained an incredible level of precision. Data collected on search engines, websites, apps, and social media enable advertisers not only to reach the exact audience that they are targeting but also collect data about how the ad is perceived and its level of success.


The choice of platforms, websites, and apps offering to show a piece of advertising in exchange for money for every time someone clicks on it is extremely broad. This principle is called PPC (Pay Per Click).

However, at Sydney Digital Agency, we recommend that for lead generation and general digital advertising, to use the main search engines and social media, as they are the safest and have the most complete set of data.  ,

The main digital ad campaigns platforms

There is a large choice of platforms to cover, but the main 3 would be: Google, Facebook, and Instagram. If your business is into a niche or professional-only industry, you can always expand to a more specialised media. Eg: if you are looking into selling Business to Business solutions, you could use a LinkedIn digital ad campaign.


There is a broad choice of platforms you could use, depending on the industry and environment your business is operating in. In order to succeed, your marketing strategy, as your digital ad campaign and your website design should take into account these environmental factors, but also your goals and ideal customer profile.


Google ads

Google Ads are paid advertisements that are contracted with Google. Advertisers “pay per click” for their ads. These ads show on the top of the search results page for specific keywords. The advantage of Google Ads is that your website will appear to people that match the criteria that you have chosen such as location, age, and other demographics.

Google ads are the best to use with a set of thoroughly researched and selected keywords.

Facebook ads

Facebook Ads are paid advertisements that are contracted with Facebook. Advertisers “pay per click” for their ads. Facebook ads are best used if you want to suggest your brand or product to a specific audience, as Facebook will automatically show your ad to people who fit exactly the criteria you chose such as demographics, interest, community, interest in similar products, etc.

Facebook ads are the best to use with a combination of Visual and Written hook.

Instagram ads

Instagram Ads are paid advertisements that are contracted with Facebook (as Instagram is own by Facebook). Advertisers “pay per click” for their ads. Instagram is a visual platform, so all ads have to contain appealing-to-your-audience images or videos. Instagram is perfect to target millennials as the 18-34 years old are 62.7% of Instagram users.

DON’T FORGET: most of these platforms and ads are a path to your website. If you have a low converting website, you are just wasting your advertising budget!

The keys to your digital ads campaign's success:


Know your audience

Thoroughly thinking about your ideal customer profile will be crucial to the success of your campaign. If you don’t, you might just have thrown your budget by the window! Let me give you an example: you are selling some luxury cars, the ad is amazingly designed, appealing, convincing… but the audience you selected is broad. As you are selling an expensive car, most of these social media users who click on your ads cannot afford it, therefore, truly little of them will buy it.

A smarter alternative to using your campaign is to pay a little bit more per click and reach only a limited number of people who could afford your expensive item. Maybe an audience who will have the finances that go with a certain job title or someone who has recently purchased luxury items

Know your competition:

A client who goes to your competitor is a client who is less likely to spend that money with you! Always check on what your competition is offering is primordial to survive in any competitive market.

Be creative

As I just mentioned, you need to know what your competitors are doing, and adjust your branding accordingly, differently, and in a better way! Creativity and innovation are keys to stay competitive.

Constantly update with new data

Keep track of the data that is provided by your advertising platform and use it to refine your campaign.

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