Ad Campaigns

What are Digital Ad Campaigns?

A critical part of generating new clients for your company is having the infrastructure in place to direct prospects to your website. 

With a well designed website and lead generation campaign, the audience of your choice will discover your brand through seamless, integrate-to-their-daily-life advertisement that will lead them to your website’s in a click! 

Once they will be on your website, they will be able to learn about your company or brand, contact you for an appointment, ask a quote or even direct purchase online if your have an e-commerce website. 

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What Does It Include?

We offer two contract terms and prices for the monthly campaign management fee; a six-month contract at $2475 + GST, and a twelve-month contract at $2250 + GST. Please note that these prices are applicable for up to $10,000 in advertisement spending.

  • For either Facebook, Google, Instagram or LinkedIn ads
  • FREE funnel set up (value of $1000 )
  • Advertisement design
  • Keyword analysis
  • PPC research and optimisation
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Choice of up to 3 different ads at the same time
  • Target customer profiling

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Statistics about websites to know:


2.89 billion of Facebook monthly users

1 %

is the average conversion rate for Google Ads 

1 %

of Instagram users are 18-34 years old.

1 %

of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the search results page

Brands we work with:

Get a new look for your Ecommerce Beauty Yoga Training Electrical Restaurant Law practice Education Cafe Medical practice Plumber Hairdresser Real estate business' website

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