5 types of website plugins you must use!

With a new level of digitalisation in 2021, there is more business opportunities online but also more

competitors than ever.

Sydney Digital Agency Came up with the Top 5 types of plugins that our Sydney Web designers use in our clients’ websites.

Get data with through a Heat Map plugin

A heat map is a graphical representation of data that uses a system of color-coding to represent different values. Heat maps are used in different forms of analytics but are most used to show user behavior on specific web pages.

A heat map plugin is a great option to understand the behavior of your website visitor and which pages are the most visited/ the least visited to give you insights about what to improve.

Analytics plugins are paramount

An analytics plugin helps you to collect data about your website visitors such as, amount of traffic, where they come from, which pages were visited the most etc…

Most of beginners rely on their taste or common sense when starting a new website and forget the importance of data to make informed decisions. Your website’s user experience must be thoroughly designed and based on visitor’s behaviour, as it allows you to define customer journeys on your website that are most conducive to business success.


Contact side bar

If your goal is lead generation, contact options should be an integrated part of your web design. Side bar plugins, or messenger widgets are good way to encourage visitors to contact you as it stays on every screen even when the visitor is scrolling down.


Image and video optimizer

It’s crucial for your brand image to have high quality images and videos. However, high quality often also means heavy files, which slow down your website loading, which have consequences on your Google ranking! Using an image or video optimizer plugin makes the files lighter and optimize your website loading speed.

Reviews integration

No need to copy/paste every testimonial and reviews on your webpage anymore. Connect your Facebook page or Google business profile to a testimonial widget to automatically upload existing and future reviews on your website.



Want more tips about web design? Read our article “The key to an effective web design. Contact us today for a quote about web development – web design or e-commerce web design.

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