5 Steps Towards Creating Your Bustling Online Shop

Online shopping is on the rise, with brands such as Debenhams and Burtons being sold off to online retailers. Lockdown has meant that hundreds of shops across the UK have closed down or moved online. There are over 1.92 billion digital shoppers in the world, and that is steeply rising. The competition is fierce. Here is how to create a bustling online shop.

Step One: Choose a great Server

Think about your options. You can get a free store from, but is this what you want? Will it give you the reach that you need or do you think it might stop you entirely? On the other hand, paying for a host can be very expensive.

Do you need a templated website or a designed one? These can go into their thousands, so be very careful what you choose and who you work with. Always set clear limits if you are working with a web designer.

Choose the right shop for you. If you are selling products, for example, a clothing and home décor shop, you have to make sure it has a good basket option that people like using. They need to be able to browse your products and save their basket for later. Also, check out the postage options and make sure it doesn’t confuse the customer.

Step 2: Create Incredible Content

The main content on your site wants to stand out and wow people. Make sure you have content that is linked internally and externally and follows SEO practise. This way, you will get higher on Google’s search results and are more likely to get customers.

Keep posting content daily and update it, make sure your hyperlinks work and that your site runs smoothly. That all content is accessible, photos load and headings are all in the right place on both your laptop and mobile device.

Step 3:  Your Brand

Make sure customers know what you are selling. This sounds obvious but is a massive tripping up point for businesses. Set up a home page they can access that tells them about you and your business. Put your logo on every page and every product. Ensure that everything links back to product photos and descriptions and spell it out to customers in a polite way, exactly what they are doing there.

Step 4: Buy Button

Make it as simple as possible for customers to buy something. Put a buy button wherever you can and make sure it is clear. Have links saying ‘buy me now’ that link to the product and back to the buy button.

Step 5: Complaints and Ratings

Ask customers to rate you after each purchase and make sure you get reviews on your site, this builds trustworthiness. Make sure that any questions or complaints are dealt with fairly and swiftly and always be professional.

Step 6: Link

Remember to always advertise on social media and put a link to your website in your ‘bio’ or ‘about me’. So many businesses wonder why there is no one using their site and it’s because no one knows they exist. They might have 10,000 followers on Instagram but if they don’t advertise their website they are unlikely to get luckily spotted. Use the trust you have gathered on social media to start off your sales and work the two together.

Post adverts when you post new products and hold competitions and sales over social media. You can also set up Facebook and Instagram shopping that will link customers to your website, which is super useful, so make sure you set it up.

If you stick to these six steps, you will be at a good starting point to have a bustling, busy online shop very soon.

This article may also help you establish your e-commerce business.

This post has been guest contributed by Paulina Daugherty and Jayden Foley.

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